Nostalgia is a beautiful and indefinable emotion, almost like happiness, a lot like sadness with a hint of longing thrown in for good measure. 
In that single instant, when the happy fuzzy memory flashes through  your mind, you experience all the sentiments and feelings you once held for something in your past.
It is a beautiful lie dressed up in darkness.

This project focuses on my personal emotion, a sense of nostalgia when I was feeling lost and stuck in happiness of a place where I was grown up.
Inspired by the negative yet beautiful emotion, I designed a conceptual womenswear collection and made one outfit: a voluminous jacket and wide pants with black sheer organza and wool , exploring different techniques in fabric manipulations and pattern making

Fabric Manipulation and Draping process

Fabric Manipulations ︎︎︎

Final Look

Model : Ellie Kutzer 
Photo : Jessy Chun 


Abstract Paintings ︎︎︎