Wonderland (2016)  

Acrylic and Mixed Mediums 

“We live in harmony with nature that needs to be appreciated.”

This series of painting depict the harmonious coexistence between human and nature, taking inspirations of surrealism and my daily imagination. 


Abstract Paintings (2020)

Oil painting 


Focusing on the contrast between my inner and outer emotions, I tried to portray my daily mood swings that I experience from time to time. I sometimes deal with different types of emotions at once and feel difficult to express it and would rather hide it which is even harmful.

I aimed to communicate with myself; to identify how I feel today or from monday to friday, and explore  those positive and negative feelings throughoout my emotional journey.  Then, I take from these fluctuating emotions and develop into abstract forms, colors and textures.

I enjoyed transforming my vague emotions into unique figures, shapes and gestures.



Self - Portrait